The Cerebrovascular Research and Education Foundation (CREF) is a non-profit foundation that aims funds for research and training of physicians and patients to prevent, relieve and cure vascular diseases. The Foundation aims to fund high quality research and education activities, patient treatments, development of medical and imaging devices, improving quality of medical labs, supporting and partnering of other non-profit organizations with parallel aims, improving the health of individuals internationally.

A message from the President – Mr. Civan Islak

The Cerebrovascular Research and Education Foundation (CREF) allows talented young people to reach their full potential whether in research or by gaining a world class education.

Since assuming my role as President of CREF, I have been privileged to meet some wonderfully talented people who are incredibly passionate about their research. Without philanthropic support many of these researchers would miss out on the opportunity to help make an impact in their field of expertise through their research. Whilst always a personal choice, I believe it is up to everyone who has achieved a measure of success in life to provide a helping hand to others to do the same. Educational grants, scholarships and bursaries can make a huge difference for young physicians, fellows and trainees from around the World to attend high level educational events and for students to receive a world class education allowing them to achieve their highest potential. Funding research projects not only supports scientific discoveries that can save lives but also gives young researchers the opportunity to undertake their research worldwide.

Being part of the Cerebrovascular Research and Education Foundation is a very gratifying and totally enjoyable experience. It is an honor to be part of the great work already being carried out by the faculty, as well as making it possible for the faculty to move forward with innovative teaching and research initiatives.

With your help we can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of our families, friends and the community.