Research and Education of New Therapies for the Treatment of Cerebrovascular Disease

Millions of people are affected by stroke and cerebrovascular disease in the world. Many of them will benefit from interventional procedures developed or refined by the Cerebrovascular Research and Educational Foundation (CREF).

Still others will have their lives transformed by technologies that are only now emerging and being studied and perfected here before becoming available to patients.

Since its inception in 2012, CREF has played a major role in realizing dramatic improvements in treating cerebrovascular disease by establishing the safe use of new technologies, drugs, and therapies in neurointervention. Guided by visionary physicians who are passionate about advancing the field, CREF's mission is to improve the survival and quality of life of those suffering from cerebrovascular disease around the world.

CREF’s role in neurointervention is unique. By providing research, evaluation, and education under one roof, CREF has the ability to generate important research questions, test and refine ground breaking new therapies, and ensure that these treatments are available to patients at the earliest opportunity.

CREF is committed to educating health care professionals and the public to ensure that the work of physicians and researchers translates to improved care for patients with cerebrovascular disease. With a worldwide reputation for excellence in training clinical practitioners in advanced techniques and innovations, CREF conducts many educational meetings, conferences, and teaching symposia every year including CREF’s annual World Live Neurovascular Conference (WLNC).

CREF is a non-profit organization.

About Us

Since its inception, the Cerebrovascular Reserch and Education Foundation has been dedicated to connecting generous people with outstanding researchers, students and educators who share a common vision to change and save lives through health.

The philanthropic priorities of the Foundation are driven by the vision of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. Achieving this vision requires a significant investment in the Faculty's most valuable resources – its students, its researchers, its educators.

Its people have a rich history of developing their bright ideas into big discoveries all to make a difference on the way people live across the globe.

Our scientists are making discoveries being used to develop …

Supporting CREF will ensure these outstanding people and the next generation of leaders in health and medical research unleash their full potential, to tackle some of the most pressing world health questions.

Our Projects

The Cerebrovascular Research and Education Foundation (CREF) created an educational grant with the goal to allow young physicians, fellows and trainees from around the World to attend WLNC (World Live Neurovascular Conference).

CREF qualifies the WLNC education as impactful at all levels of interventional experience. The new generation of endovascular surgeons likely benefits the most from attending this educational activity and sees this as an incredible opportunity as most of these physicians would not be able to afford coming to such a high level meeting. During WLNC grantees will be able to follow live cases transmitted to the meeting venue in high definition from more than 10 states of art neuroangiography labs, highlighting the latest technical and imaging improvements, including deployment techniques, indications of various extra and intraaneurysmal flow divertors, new bifurcation devices/bifurcation reconstruction techniques in aneurysm treatment, cerebral/spinal AVM/AVF treatment, supraaortic/intracranial stenting and acute stroke management.

The educational grant covers travel and accommodation expenses and registration fees. Last year, many physicians were able to attend WLNC Istanbul only because of the educational grant. The experience and feedback were very positive.


Purposes and Objects of the Foundation (excerpt from our founding deed)

  1. The Foundation is a purpose, voluntary, autonomous and non-profit making organization as defined and regulated in terms of the Voluntary Organisations Act (Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta), the 2nd Schedule to the Civil Code of Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta and by the Statute itself.
  2. The primary objective of the Foundation is to provide an independent medical and health research charity that funds research and training of physicians and patients to prevent, relieve and cure vascular diseases. The Foundation aims to fund high quality research and education activities, patient treatments, development of medical and imaging devices, improving quality of medical labs, supporting and partnering other non-profit organizations with the parallel aims, improving the health of individuals internationally.


The Cerebrovascular Research and Education Foundation is dedicated to connecting generous organizations and people with outstanding researchers, students and educators who share a common vision and passion. They all want to change and save the lives of patients and communities around the world through innovation in health.

Through your philanthropy, you will help today's and tomorrow's researchers and health care professionals tackle pressing world health questions and meet the challenges the future holds.

The priorities of the Foundation are driven by the vision of Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.