World Live Neurovascular Conference (WLNC) is sponsored by the Cerebrovascular Research and Educational Foundation (CREF) and partially funded through educational grants from commercial supporters. CREF strives to ensure that its programs are as educational as possible and free from bias. To support this endeavor, WLNC directors and co-directors create organizational and scientific committees to assist in educational content development and oversight for live cases, e-poster sessions, practical workshops (learning labs), and scientific lectures. These sessions are developed without influence from commercial supporters.

Educational grant support from our industry colleagues, who, like the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, are dedicated to educating medical professionals and the public to enhance patient outcomes, helps to make each TCT possible.

Disclosure Statement:

It is the policy of the Cerebrovascular Research and Educational Foundation to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all of its sponsored educational programs. Commercial support from industry does not influence educational content, faculty selection, and/or faculty presentations and therefore, does not compromise the scientific integrity of the educational activity.

Discussion of off-label product usage and/or off-label product use during live cases is made at the sole discretion of the faculty and is not endorsed by CREF or the program directors for this activity.

Faculty participating in continuing medical education activities sponsored by CREF are required to disclose to the program audience any real or apparent conflict of interest related to the content of their presentation(s). Faculty in non-compliance with this policy is not permitted to participate in this activity.